Speakers for 2017 include: .




Patricia King is a respected minister of the gospel, successful owner of four flourishing businesses, and an inventive entrepreneur. She is an accomplished itinerant speaker, author, television host, and media producer and has given her life fully to Jesus Christ and to His Kingdom’s advancement in the earth. She is the co-founder of XPmedia.com and overseer of Christian Services Association.

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Born in Cairo , Egypt into a prominent Moslem family of Lawyers and Following in the footsteps of his father and uncles, he too chose to become a lawyer. Through the witness of his best friend, Tamir, he experienced the love of Christ and made the decision to give his life and service to the LORD.

He began the mission to bring the Christian community all the same legal rights as the Moslem community in Egypt . He began a ministry which in just 2 years grew to 24,000 Christians. The Egyptian Government did not tolerate this and Majed wound up in the torture section of the Abu Zaabel prison in Cairo .

During this time in prison, Majed underwent severe torture for 7 days in the underground prison, everything from shaving his head and putting his head and hot and cold water, hanging upside down, being burned with cigarettes and the miracle of the attack dogs silenced to being crucified on the last 2 and a half days with a mixture of salt and lemon to anoint his wounds. All this is because of his new faith in our LORD.

He eventually escaped and on a whirlwind journey fled to Israel where he was jailed for over a year because they weren’t sure what to do in this circumstance. Legally he could not stay in Israel but if they sent him back to Egypt he would be executed. Through the intervention of Amnesty International & the United Nations Majed was released from prison and became a free man in Jerusalem, Israel .

Since, he has relocated to Toronto , ON where he has actively started his own ministry and is now the President of One Free World International.  Majed’s current focus is fighting for the freedom of persecuted Christians, the Yazidi’s and women being trafficked in the middle east.





Faytene Grasseschi is a pioneer, best selling author, movement mobilizer, activist, short film producer and artist.  She has been in full time ministry since 1997 and has a burning passion to see believers live fruitful & power filled lives with great eternal impact. She also has a passion to see believers inspired, trained and released to impact Canada on social justice issues.

Currently Faytene serves as the Director of TheCRY Movement which has mobilized thousands in mass prayer gatherings in Canada, Hollywood & Israel. She is the Director of MY Canada which leads young adults in addressing the governmental leaders of Canada and has a specific emphasis on fighting abortion & human trafficking.  She is the director of V-Kol Media Ministries which hosts revival events and has a special emphasis on Kingdom media development.

Before becoming active on the national level of ministry in Canada, she overcame a 10+yr long battle with an eating disorder and was supernaturally healed of a terminal illness – both of which are a part of her testimony.  She lives in Grimsby, ON, and is happily married to Robert. They have two beautiful children, Keyanna and Aayden.



After eight years of creating excitement on football fields all across this nation, God compelled Brian Warren to envision a Canada where Jesus’ name is echoed from coast to coast to coast.

In 1995, Brian, along with seven other dedicated men, worked tirelessly to bring the transforming power of Jesus Christ to Canadian men through the ministry of Promise Keepers. Years later, Promise Keepers Canada continues to revolutionize the lives of Canadian men and their families.

Often quoted as saying he is a Canadian by choice and not by birth, Brian’s missionary zeal for his adopted country was amplified while attending the Stand in the Gap Rally in Washington D.C.  As he stood amongst two million men crying out to God for the United States, his heart’s cry was…”But what about Canada?”  God heard.

In December of 1997, Canada in Prayer was birthed and intercessory prayer in Canada went hi-tech. Brian’s vision, through Canada In Prayer, is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ impact Canada by strategically targeting 500,000 un-churched, increasing the Kingdom by 50,000, and steadily increasing the percentage point of Christians in Canada, thus transforming the spiritual landscape of our country.

Ordained Minister

God called Brian out of a successful professional football career in 1994 to pursue the ultimate championship – kingdom building. After three years of study he was ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He is now the Senior Pastor of a thriving congregation, The Hope Centre, in Mississauga.


Each year, Brian reaches hundreds of thousands of people with the good news of Jesus Christ. He uses the same discipline and determination he used to win two national championships and all-pro honours to campaign for Jesus. He shamelessly tells all who has ears to hear that “the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life”. God has given him great compassion for the lost, and righteous indignation for the religious. Unashamed of the gospel, his message is bold yet always reflecting the Father’s heart.

Television Broadcaster

Trained in communication at the University of Arizona, Brian uses his unforgettable voice and ease in front of the cameras to reflect the love of Jesus.  He is now co-host of the 700 Club Canada.







John and Patricia Bootsma are the Airport Lead Campus Pastors.

Patricia is the Director of the Catch The Fire Toronto House of Prayer, the leader of the Ontario Prophetic Council and regularly travels to minister nationally and internationally.

John and Patricia greatly desire to see the Glory and Presence of God released in ever greater measures. They help stir up Passion for Jesus, the revelation of His soon return and equip believers to walk in fulness of Destiny. John and Patricia are the parents of six amazing children.



Tymme Reitz is an American author, dancer and preacher.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Aury, with whom he has worked on a number of endeavors to help bring the world closer to God.  He works at the Underground Church, a Los Angeles-based Christian organization dedicated to spreading the word of God and bringing followers closer to Christ through music and dance.  Tymme Reitz and his wife started out as dancers, and wanted to use their talents for good.  Through dance and a mix of hip-hop, soul and contemporary music, the church has attracted a diverse group of followers in the City of Angels.

As a dancer, Tymme Reitz helped found Word in Motion alongside his wife, a program committed to teaching the next generation of dancers to use their talents for Christ. Members of the church include dancers and former dancers for numerous major American musical acts, including Usher, Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas.




Matt Tapley has been the Lead Pastor of Lakemount Worship Centre in Grimsby, Ontario since 2008. He is a gifted leader who serves the Church by developing leaders in a culture of dependence on the Spirit with full devotion to the unchanging Word of God. He frequently travels the nation as an insightful preacher, anointed worship leader and a keen contributor to leadership team environments. Matt’s commitment to the Manifest Presence of God and the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit are a catalyst for stirring renewed faith for the “more” of God whereverhe ministers. he ministers.

Matt and His wife Lisa have been happily married since August 1994. Together they have three amazing kids – Abigail (’98), Joey (’99) and Sarah (’01). In November of 2012, their youngest daughter Sarah died after a 3-year battle with cancer. Accordingly, a significant dimension of their life message is declaring the relentless goodness of God even in the midst of tragedy and disappointment. God continues to use their testimony to encourage otherswho are facing trials and challenges of faith. who are facing trials and challenges of faith.

Finally, Matt is a delusional Leafs fan and is convinced that the team is rebuilding(again). He also enjoys riding his Harley whenever and wherever he can.

(again). He also enjoys riding his Harley whenever and wherever he can.


Moment of Truth from Lakemount Worship Centre on Vimeo.



With humility of heart and obedience to the leading of the Spirit, Laura loves to serve the body of Christ. She has been a worship leader and singer/songwriter for many years, spreading God’s love internationally.  Her most recent  CD “Four Winds”  is a collection of songs to encourage and prepare hearts for Jesus’ return.  Laura has 4 other records: Home, In Love, Invisible Realms & Story Of All Stories. She has also authored a children’s book and developed a biblically based fragrance.

Since 2006 Laura has enjoyed walking together in marriage and ministry with the love of her life Daniel. She and Daniel adore their kids Noah, (2011) Nathan, (2012) and Grace (2014). Daniel & Laura share a love for God’s word and His people. More than anything they love seeing God’s kingdom released wherever they go! God has blessed them to minister His heart all across Canada, the United States, the U.K., Europe and Africa. Laura has also ministered in China, Guatemala and Australia. Their favourite topics are worship, inner healing, the Father Heart of God, and healthy relationships.

Together they serve as part of Catch the Fire, and develop writing and music through His Company. Laura has the heart of a psalmist and loves being her Heavenly Daddy’s girl.